• Naming - The Fine Music Network would refer to your company as a Corporate Partner, and the Fine Music Network would be referred to as a Media Partner.

  • Physical - Where physical material can be distributed at any events or physical locations where Fine Music is conducting business, we will endeavour to display printed material (flyers) displaying your company as our Corporate Partner. Material to be supplied by Corporate Partner

  • Editorial/Interviews - The Fine Music Network would endeavour to help provide interview opportunities and editorial opportunities where appropriate.

  • Invitations - Invitations for staff to all Fine Music events and functions, such as our live from station events and live broadcasts from various venues.

  • Goodwill - Your brand would receive the benefit of the good will that has been generated throughout Fine Music’s 42 year presence within the community, and its title of the first FM stereo radio station in Australia. Association - As well as Fine Music’s association with our audience we also engage with most of the large, medium, and small arts companies throughout Sydney and Australia. This allows your brand/company to tap into this market without the hassle of sponsorship across these many organisations. We bring them together in one place, with their audience.

  • Access - The Fine Music Network would aim to provide access to these large, medium, and small scale arts organisations wherever possible. This could include tickets, or invitations to specific exclusive events.

  • Creative - The Fine Music Network can create, in association with your company campaigns to suit your needs. We have a creative team who are experts in tying your branding into our service and creating campaigns that our audience will suit and engage our audience. The best and most engaging advertising that is played on Fine Music is when the advertisement is cohesive with the choices that a standard listener has made. This makes the advertising relevant and interesting.



Under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (BSA) community broadcasters are not permitted to broadcast ‘advertising’. Sponsorship, however, is permitted and this is akin to a limited form of advertising. The BSA outlines three key requirements of a sponsorship announcement:

• Sponsorship content will be limited to five minutes in any hour (Broadcasting Services Act 1992 Sch 2, Part 5 clause 9 (3))

• Every sponsorship announcement will be clearly "tagged" (Broadcasting Services Act Sch 2, Part 1, clause 2 (2)b)

• There must be a bona fide financial relationship between the sponsor and the station or program. 
In line with the community broadcasting code of practice (Code 6), this station will ensure that:

• sponsorship will not be a factor in determining access to broadcasting time

• the content and style of individual programs is not influenced by the sponsors of programs, and overall programming of community broadcasting stations is not influenced by sponsors. 

Further information on sponsorship requirements is available from the ACMA’s document, ‘Sponsorship Guidelines for Community Broadcasting Services’ see


The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with the BSA and the Codes Of Practice. It is furthermore to give clear direction on the Fine Music Network  ethos with relation to sponsorship.


1. All sponsorship announcements will comply with the three key sponsorship conditions outlined above.

2. All sponsorship arrangements shall be recorded on a standard contract and approved by the booking station manager or person responsible.

3. Sponsorship will not be accepted from companies that promote tobacco or gambling.

4. Sponsorship from companies promoting alcohol may be accepted, however the announcements must not:

a. promote irresponsible use of alcohol, or

b. be directed towards minors.

5. Sponsorship will not be accepted from person or groups whose policies or practices are inconsistent with the general directions of Fine Music 102.5

6. Sponsorship announcements will be produced and presented in a style and form consistent with the program in which they are to be placed.

7. Individual presenters and members are not entitled to seek sponsorship on behalf of the Fine Music Network without written consent of the station manager (or board of management).

8. Under no circumstances can presenters accept gifts, products or services of payments in return for promotion of a product, service or business.

9. The Fine Music Network reserves the right to refuse any paid announcement.

10. All sponsorship agreements are final once booking confirmation has commenced. Any requested alterations to a booking once material has been submitted and published will result in further fees.

11. In order to meet our terms and conditions and required specifications, please note that it is important to submit your material via the Material Submission Request link when prompted after your agreement is confirmed.